Upstate New York Bow Hunting for Bucks

Jerrod whacks a decent buck with the bow for our first deer kill on video. Around here, you take what you can get and you’re just happy to put meat on the table.


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  1. deadeyebowles says:

    I’m with you bud fuck all the assholes that talk shit i hunt deer not bone. half the pricks talking shit? probably don’t have meat in the freezer. syracuse ny

  2. hoghunter243 says:

    Nice video man…. I live in ulster county and with the lack of deer, the lack of food, and and the amount of guys jacking the deer at at night……I’d be more than happy with a buck like that- if it’s a legal buck around here, you better shoot? it or the next guy will..great shot, great video, and great deer

  3. marcp89 says:

    Let the small ones walk and every year they? get bigger haha…the herd is thin because u shoot everything that walks by…if its not 3.5 years old dont shoot it

  4. wowwowwow92 says:

    Nice video! I understand what your saying about not having a lot of huge bucks around, I hunt Otsego county and although there are nice bucks around they are few and far between. Like you said thats a nice deer for the area. Some of these guys don’t understand that our deer population isn’t as high as the western part? of the state or downstate.

  5. bighunter315er says:

    Wayne county, NY!!! gotten some big? bucks out here

  6. sk8erdude8804 says:

    @BeanHillBuckHunter theres lots of deer in new york were every you go its just u got to be at the right place at the right time to get them?

  7. outdooresman75 says:

    @rugerghawes cause he dont want to it was the first one he got on? film

  8. rugerghawes says:


  9. dylan84ful says:

    the shot was a little high where were you hunting i live in upstate ny to?

  10. lawndawg2681 says:

    @challisthegreat let me guess food plots and the whole? nine right??

  11. ickivicki100 says:

    @Mercy4Wildlife go and fuck? your bacyard animals

  12. 383gp says:

    i live? in rochester as well but i hunt in the southerntier….ny has a lot of 130 class and better all over not just western or upstate i have 140’s on my property all bow and gun season

  13. rjs6215 says:

    I Live in Rochester and hunt almost everyday of the bow season! That is a tweener Buck, Meening he is toeing the line in size! But boy when your up in the stand and a buck comes walking in with that tine length, most hunters would squeeze the release, including me! Thats more than a basket!!! Unless its opening weekend or i know theirs a bigger one in the area, Im? popping him!

  14. rangerslove16 says:

    Hey to all you tree huggers think about this, if hinting is so? bad why isn’t it illegal. An if you hate seeing animals die why do you watch these videos. Fucking idiots

  15. THEBLACKICE77 says:


  16. Bsnakes says:

    Well the deer that are die due to building normally aren’t the? ones you shoot considering they’re by, that’s right, buildings. And “killers” are responisble for allowing you to have your weak opinion. People that kill and die for our freedom. Have some respect, deer are not human beings and certainly not more important. There is no shortage of deer, but people only have one father, son, husband sometimes. Killing is necessary, grow up.

  17. Mercy4Wildlife says:

    Killers always use the “do you live in the apt complex, drive car etc etc etc to justify themselves deliberately causing pain and suffering? for sports.

    How many starving deer have you killed lately? In Wisconsin last deer killing season hunters did not recover 68,000 wounded deer. Now that is a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering for sick human’s “sports” and “recreation”. Also hunters kill deer natural predator and they are ones that do kill the sickly and the starving not the hunters.

  18. Mercy4Wildlife says:

    Really? I guess you have not heard about the danger of CWD and prions to humans. There is a link on my profile information on CWD/Mad deer disease and venison eaters but of course you have nothing to worry about because I know you don’t eat the carcass? instead you “give” to the pantries. Why would you want to get sick and die? If you consume dairy you get just as much pesticides, puss and hormones into your body. I guess you drink soy?

  19. Bsnakes says:

    Lmao, do you live in a house, apartment complex maybe? Drive a car, use paper? That shit kills way more wildlife than 100 hunters. And you’re not eating any of the ones you kill. Hunting is a great sport and the meat you get off of wild game is exponentially better for you than the processed shit? from the store. Btw, getting hit with an arrow is a much quicker death tahn starving, which is what building can do. But be a hypocrite, I’ll keep eating deer chili as opposed to ground beef “stuff.”

  20. Fishinkidd says:

    Hey BeanHill Buck Hunters….I’m a Town of Florida hunter myself….Keep up the? good camera work! I’ve got some south of the river footage too, check out my vids !

  21. Htown113 says:

    Fuckin tree huggers lol they like aww poor deer pooor deer when they prolly fuckin eat hamburgers lol which is processed unhealthy shit atleast hees eating what he shoots dammit. its food on the tbale how do you know if he is poor and lives in? a shack and that is all he can eat you dont so stfu

  22. Mercy4Wildlife says:

    Putting on that tacky music showing your destruction to innocent sentient life you must all be so damn “proud”? of your self !! When he went down imagine the suffering before death takes over? I bet you would not want to die the way the buck deer died with an arrow to the lung.

  23. jjsheils27 says:

    azzir325 i i agree with the boycott the hunting fee is? nuts this year…….

  24. fourXford says:

    bad shot? your a f’n idiot. that wasnt even close to? straight down. and all you tree huggers and the reason there is problems. keep your dumbass comments to yourself


  25. azzir325 says:

    BOYCOTT NYS sporting licenses in 2009 until? Grannis is fired and fees returned to normal.

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