Trad Bow Rabbit Hunt 2

Hunting western brush rabbit with traditional archery. Link Below For Quiver Information. www.3riversarchery.com
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  1. TheStickBow1 says:


    Sure will work for rabbit and also deer at 15-20 yards. What’s more important is shot placement or accuracy. Hope this helps some, also check hunting regulations where you live if there is minimum for bow draw weights for hunting. Greg

  2. theshotism says:

    could i get nything with a 40lb bow?

  3. Talondas says:

    @TheStickBow1 Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate it.

  4. TheStickBow1 says:

    To Talondas,

    Hi, I put a link for you in the “description” section for this video. This is who I bought my “dawgware” side quiver from several years ago. Mine is a “dawgware” without side-pockets, I don’t see it listed now. Hope this helps you, if I can help answer any questions be more than happy. Greg

  5. Talondas says:

    Would you mind posting a link to the manufacturer of your quiver. I’m having a hard time trying to google it.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. MrCoyotehunter22250 says:

    nice shooting goin out the 27 with my pse black hawk for som rabbit

  7. TheStickBow1 says:

    To ilovealexhegarty,
    Sorry about audio quality my pocket camera is really limited in that area, I will try and speak up louder. Thanks for the comment. Greg

  8. TheStickBow1 says:

    To nolangreen,

    LOL that’s great you get some shooting on rabbit with your bow. Yeah these western brush rabbit are small but the reg’s on them are very generous out west thank Goodness. Please send some of your Midwestern cotton tail and squirrel my way! ;-) Take care, Greg

  9. TheStickBow1 says:

    To flamefinger1989,
    Thanks, Yeah I know about the restrictions in Europe for the common mans hunting opportunities that’s a bummer. Glad to meet another person who shoots traditional bows and tackle, that is really cool you make your own bows. Thanks again for the comment. Greg

  10. flamefinger1989 says:

    great shooting mate keep it it we cant bow hunt in the uk its a shame and its wors because i am a primitive bow maker(modern tools)

  11. nolangreen says:

    lol you need to come to nebraska, my grandma always feeds them, i swear to god we have 5lb squirrels and bigger rabbits. She doesn’t notice that i take a couple with my bow every once in a while

  12. ilovealexhegarty says:

    i cant hear what your saying and all my sound is maxed. : (

  13. TheStickBow1 says:

    @kaziklu79 Thanks for the nice comment

  14. TheStickBow1 says:

    @mdw63 Thanks, wow are they good eating! :-)

  15. mdw63 says:

    nice vid , like the flute music . im jealous of the rabbit dinner . good hunting

  16. kaziklu79 says:

    Nice video!

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