Slingshot shooting arrows with the Hathcock Target Sniper, catapult

A little how to shoot arrows with the Hathcock Target Sniper slingshot with the Universal Fork tips. To shoot arrows or other alternative ammo with the universal fork design there are modifications or alterations to the frame required. Using this slingshot you have a pocket sized archery kit that’s able to accurately shoot arrows or steel balls or marbles or… pretty much anything! Also the universal fork allow you to shoot flatbands, different tube types and squares over the top or through the forks with equal accuracy.
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  1. joec123able says:

    A bow delivers much more kinetic energy and speed tho this is very efficient for size?

  2. craniac88 says:

    Very cool. It’s difficult to see how the arrow rests on the? universal fork tip in the video because of your distance from the camera, however.

  3. Hungerth says:


    I would recommend mounting a whisker biscuit or other means of aligning the? arrow to dead center of the forks & bands

  4. H95Shooterv12 says:

    wouldnt ? the slight angle in the band throw off the shooting

  5. casarole45 says:

    Great Bill,? when you have some time just for interest would you be able to chrony test arrow shooting with a catapult?

  6. MrDanthefisherman1 says:


  7. uniboy400 says:

    big fan?

  8. crypter27 says:


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