Bow Tuning Tips/ Ripcord Arrow Rest Installation

This is one alot of you have been waiting for, how to install the Ripcord arrow rest by Kenny Parson
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  1. JamieMG says:

    Hey Man, Thx so much for having the vid it helped big time! I just installed this rest on my Mathews Switchback XT. After installation I fired a few arrows and they hit pretty darn close form before, the only thing I noticed was that my arrows are going into my block on a slight angle (nock points to the right). How do I adjust this so they fly in straight? My range is 10yds (garage) and I’m sure the arrows will worsen at a longer range. Thanks in advance.

  2. TheRanger76 says:

    are you still using the rip cord ? do you still like it as much?
    seting up a new bow and i have orderd a rip cord want to know if i made a good choise! thanks !

    great vid!

  3. kylemonkey says:

    what kind of square tool are you using? i need one.

  4. 0xxRawr0xx0 says:

    oldschool with a compound bow? xD

  5. allamericanhunting says:

    Hey Kenny, I have a question when you let down will the rest go down or will it stay up like a qad ultra rest ?


  6. tharris732 says:

    Nice canvasback.

  7. grttaxi says:

    @AIMO61 Sorry I’m busy. If I were you I would stay with the trophy taker, it’s what I use

  8. AIMO61 says:

    Kenny..for some reason you never answer my questions :(…but do you prefer ripcord or QAD?? i m using trophy taker and thinking to change..

  9. therealbasskiller says:

    Thanks you made that look pretty easy for a layman to follow!!

  10. backyardhunter99 says:

    what do you think of the QAD ultra rest?

  11. VaStrutBuster says:

    Kenny, first thanks for all the great tips and info. I always enjoy your videos. Installed my new Ripcord Code Red today, upgrading from a WB. This is my first drop away since I have been reluctant to part with the ‘ol WB. The first five arrow group through the Ripcord made me a believer. Had to stop shooting groups to save my arrows! Excellent arrow rest, great turorial. Keep up the good work!

  12. pastorj05 says:

    Thanx Kenny! Brother, you are the man…I have learned a ton from watching your videos…Keep up the good work and God bless!

  13. vangl34 says:

    Hahaha…I love how you said you don’t promote their products but you always keep pointing to your hat with the ripcord logo. It’s very eye catching. Great demonstration!!!

  14. steel7997 says:

    Just installed my ripcord drop away.. a nice blood red one… so far i love it..
    thanks for the video, help me align it first try…

  15. ThaStickMann says:

    Booger and Snug Hehe

  16. FSUNole05 says:

    thanks for this tutorial. I was getting aggravated setting this up and I found your video. Thanks alot!!

  17. FSUNole05 says:

    @DEADBYTED get the QAD rest, its better!!

  18. dmb3428 says:

    curious if this rest works well in bad weather such as 20 degrees and snowing?

  19. yakkahDotCom says:

    I loved this video, thanks!

  20. BIGD6625 says:

    @DEADBYTED id say its worth the money. i have the code red on my bowtech and i havnt had a clearance problem yet

  21. DEADBYTED says:

    hey gett4ing the new mathews z7… thinkin bout getting the new ripcord rest anyone tried it out?? worth the money?

  22. 357686 says:

    @GLOCKCOPG23 My friend uses a Ripcord Code Red on his AM 35. I use a QAD on my Firecat. Im switching to Ripcord due to vane clearance issues.

  23. botradov says:

    hey kenny from watching your videos i have learned more than enough to develope a passion for tuning bows, i picked up a ripcord because it took you less then 10 mins to put it on and that says simple and it does the job, and simple is what you need in the field!

  24. medugo2205 says:

    I like the ripcord design, but I don’t want to pay the big bucks for it haha. Do you know of any cheaper drop away rests that are still as good?

  25. GLOCKCOPG23 says:

    Does any body know if the Ripcord or QAD rest will fit on the Hoyt Alphamax or Maxxis with any difficulty. I heard that the “split riser” design may present problems. I’m torn between the Maxxis and Mathews Z7. Any opinions? Thanks

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